Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enagic® Has Been Awarded the Gold Seal Certification by the Water Quality Association!

The delicious alkaline Kangen Water® we enjoy drinking every day is now certified by the Water Quality Association!

WQA is the international "Mark of Product Quality" and is recognized around the world as the leading certification of water excellence. The Gold Seal Certification from WQA is awarded to the most reliable and trusted producers of quality drinking water.

Enagic® USA is now the ONLY water ionizer manufacturer on the market to receive the Gold Seal Certification!

This is why Enagic® is known as the "Gold Standard" in water ionization. No competitors can compare with the honest, dependable quality of Enagic® machines. You can always TRUST ENAGIC® to provide healthful, clean, ionized, and alkaline Kangen Water® for optimal hydration. Yet again, Enagic® blows the competition out of the water!

Everyone drinks water, so shouldn't they be drinking "tested and certified" water? Families, commercial business owners, schools, doctors...they ALL need healthy water and they ALL need a WQA-certified Enagic® machine to generate Kangen Water®!
It's impossible to not get EXCITED about the Gold Seal Certification for Enagic®. The WQA has validated what we've known all along: Enagic® delivers unparalleled, premium quality ionized water.
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